Our team is continuously growing.  Here are some of the members, maintainers, and contributors.


Lead Developers:

Dave Kessler / Prime Directive – Java development
Derek Hunter / DHO – General development, Logistics, nightlies
Eric McCann / NuclearMistake – Master of general development, nightlies
Dan Tritan / jimsth – Kernel development



Jason Downing – jtsurf18
William Casey Sedlacek


Device Maintainers:

G2 Series – Bart Monhemius
i9100g: Ryuinferno
Falcon/Evita/Ville: Ethan Johnson
Mako: Saleem Loonat
Motorhead: Samsung Rugby Smart + Pro – Anthony Cox
Nicki – Arnav Gosain
nVidia Shield – Carl Miller
Rezound: Lawrence Young
SEMC – Jake Weinstein, Michael Bestas
tsubusa – Carlsen Teo Wen Yu
v500 – Bryan Haldy/bjcrj



James Dean / King Source Troll
Team EOS



sonicxml (One of the founding members)


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