Building Vanir for Unofficial Devices

This guide will teach you to build Vanir for Unofficial Devices.


1. Setup the Android Build Environment on your machine.


2. Syncing the VanirAOSP Source code.


Go in your home directory and execute the following commands:


mkdir -p ~/bin

curl > ~/bin/repo

chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
mkdir ~/vanir
cd ~/vanir
repo init -u git:// -b m6
repo sync -f -c -q -jX (X is equivalent to your internet connection for ex. I use -j4 for my 4mbps connection. NOTE: Don’t panic nothing will appear on the screen but its still syncing)

3. Adding support for the device in the vendor tree and manifest: files are in vendor/vanir/products. One must exist for each device. Each is analagous to in CyanogenMod device trees.

4. Building
lunch vanir_DEVICE-userdebug
mka bacon

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  1. lexridge says:

    None of the pastbin links are working. Is there another source for these?

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