Do… It… Yourself!

Take the opportunity to learn something for yourself rather than bugging the developers who are making this wonderful ROM for you. Below, you will find some tutorials on how to do simple things such as GETTING A LOGCAT, or something more advanced such as building VanirAOSP for yourself.

Links to Github and Gerrit so you can see what change are currently being reviewed and/or submitted


Capturing a Logcat

These provide valuable information for runtime debugging.  logcat is generally for java runtime debugging and boot processes although it can be useful for networking, touch instances, or looking at more specialized added logging for bug fixes etc.

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Initializing the Build Environment

Step 1: install 64-bit linux

You MUST have 64-bit linux and at least 4 GB ram. You may be able to build with less but you will have a serious amount of swap which will slow you down hellishly. If you’re interested in speeding up your build time consider buying an SSD, then CPU, then more RAM. an SSD will speed up your process 10x, especially with ccache. I suggest installing the most recent version of either Ubuntu or Mint. You’re on your own for this step.

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